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  • The scent of summer brings with it a sense of adventure.

    Bring the whole family and have fun at Toshimaen's pools and water slides. Have fun hiking surrounded by lush greenery and make your way to the recreation of a Ghibli classic. Go on a river boat cruise and admire rock formations that resemble stacked tatami mats. For an even more memorable experience, ride a vintage steam train and enjoy the enchanting landscapes of the countryside!

  • Chichibu Steam Train

Best Spots in Summer

  • Toshimaen


    With over 30 attractions, Toshimaen offers thrill and excitement for the whole family. Guests can also experience riding roller coasters that run past cherry blossoms in spring while a water park with six different pools and maze-like slides opens in summer. Winter turns the park into a stunning sight as it sparkles with winter illuminations.

    1-minute walk from Toshimaen Station, Seibu Toshima Line

    Business Hours: Thur to Mon 10:00-17:00
    Closed: Tue & Wed

    Entrance Fee: Entrance Fee Only
    Adults: JPY 1,000, Children: JPY 500

    Entrance Fee + 1-Day All Attractions Pass
    Adults: JPY 4,200, Children: JPY 3,200

    Photo: Rsa
  • Seibuen Amusement Park

    Seibuen Amusement Park

    Fun for the whole family awaits at Seibu Amusement Park! With 20 rides to enjoy and attractions with popular characters such Hello Kitty and Masked Rider, children will have a blast. The amusement park also hosts a cherry blossom festival in spring. Visitors in summer can enjoy a water park and a beer garden. Ice-skating and trout fishing are available in winter, as well as the sparkle of gorgeous winter lights!

    5-minute walk from Seibu-Yūenchi Station, Seibu Tamako Line or Seibu Yamaguchi Line

    Business Hours: Fri to Tue 11:00-18:00
    Water Park: 09:00-17:00
    Pool: 09:00-21:00

    Entrance Fee: Adults: JPY 1,100, Children: JPY 500

  • Totoro's Forest

    Totoro's Forest

    The lush greenery of the animated favorite 'My Neighbor Totoro' is based on the Sayama Hills. Follow the walking trails that lead to Kurosuke's house, and along the way, see the unmistakable charm of Sayama's landscape. Stroll along rice fields, wetlands, and lakes, and relive the magic of Hayao Miyazaki's beloved classic.

    Walking Trail #2 starts from Seibu-Kyūjō-Mae Station

    Business Hours: Kurosuke's House
    Tue, Wed & Sat 10:00-15:00
    Closed: Sun, Mon, Thur, Fri, public holidays, year-end and New Year's holidays

  • Iwadatami Rock Formations

    Iwadatami Rock Formations

    This area gets its name from the layered rocks lining the Arakawa River, which are said to resemble stacked tatami mats. Overlooking the rapids, this section of the Nagatoro Prefectural Natural Park is perfect for a light hike among the dramatic rock formations and lush greenery.

    5-minute walk from Nagatoro Station, Chichibu Railway

    Business Hours: Open all year round

  • River Activities

    River Activities

    Whether you want a relaxing river cruise or a thrilling rafting ride, Nagatoro is one of the best places to enjoy them. Revel in the striking views as boatmen maneuver a traditional boat down the Arakawa River. Or hop in an inflatable raft and navigate the rapids with a trusty guide.

    River Cruise: In front of Nagatoro Station, Chichibu Railway

    Business Hours: March to early December
    Departs at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00

    Fee: JPY 1,600 to 3,000 (depends on course)

    Whitewater Rafting: Location varies according to provider

    Business Hours: Varies according to provider

    Fee: Varies according to provider

  • SL Paleo Steam Train

    SL Paleo Steam Train

    Catch the Paleo Express and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience on board a steam locomotive! Running only twice a day, this gem of a train ride will make you feel like you've slipped back in time as Saitama's arresting landscape runs past. Sit back, relax and enjoy a nostalgic ride.

    Change trains at Nagatoro Station

    Business Hours: Schedule varies per month
    Departs from Kumagaya at 10:12
    Departs from Mitsumeniguchi at 14:00
    Departs from Kumagaya at 10:10
    Departs from Mitsumeniguchi at 14:03

    Ticket: Reserved seating: JPY 1,440
    Non-reserved seating: JPY 1,230

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