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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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Val d'Orcia

 Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany's Val d’Orcia is man’s crowning glory when it comes to land development as proven by its postcard-worthy scenery and efficient agriculture. Straddling the line between art and reality, its iconic rolling hills have been immortalized innumerable times, from Renaissance paintings to Instagram posts. Give your eyes and taste buds a treat with a day trip to the Tuscan valley and explore the medieval villages of Pienza and Montalcino and savor delectable wines, including the Brunello di Montalcino, which has been hailed as the “king of wines”.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

 Hawaii, USA

Welcome to the land of Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes. Legend says she resides at Kilauea in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which explains why it awes and compels unlike any other park in the world. Mauna Loa, along with Kilauea, are Earth's most active volcanoes. Explore the park by land or air, seeing craters, lava tubes, sulfur vents, and the rare sight of flowing lava. It’s no wonder that Volcanoes National Park has earned its hotspot as one of the top Hawaii attractions.

Mt. Fuji

 Shizuoka / Yamanashi, Japan

As a cultural staple, religious site and national icon, Mt. Fuji is an impressively bewitching sight. With its snow-capped peak and picturesque lake reflection, Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration, has served as a pilgrimage site and a favorite subject for photographers and painters alike. Marvel at the majestic mountain in its full glory by water, air or land with a Lake Ashi cruise, ropeway ride or a climb up to its summit, the country’s highest point.

Great Barrier Reef

 Queensland, Australia

In a country gifted with countless natural wonders, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef reigns supreme. Boasting idyllic beauty, impressive resilience and outstanding diversity, the almost 350,000-square-kilometer ecosystem has been rightfully lauded as a living masterpiece. Swim, scuba, sail or snorkel to see its vast marine wildlife, dive into its pristine waters for a close look at the captivating corals or fly to the skies onboard a helicopter for an unobstructed view of the reef system.


 England, United Kingdom

Among the world’s greatest mysteries, Stonehenge has managed to intrigue numerous generations. Because of its incredibly advanced architecture, undeniable influence and status as one of man’s last vestiges from the Neolithic Age, artists, archaeologists and auteurs have traveled from all over the world to see the mythical stones in person. Discover the mysterious monoliths for yourself on a day tour from London or opt for an Inner Circle tour during sunset for an intimate look at one of the United Kingdom’s most celebrated sites.

Grand Canyon

 Arizona, USA

Diverse, vast and vivid—the Grand Canyon is among Mother Nature’s greatest triumphs. As the United States’ arguably most exceptional natural site, the canyon provides an exclusive look into the Earth’s early history while serving as the home of numerous ecosystems. Chiseled by the movement of the Colorado River, the vibrant landscape of the gorge has become an iconic postcard staple over the years. Witness American history in motion and see the scenery above the skies onboard an airplane, up close while riding a coach or sail across the water by raft for the comprehensive visual experience.

Jeju Island and Lava Tubes


Possesing geographical features sculpted by time and nature, Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes is a visual experience like no other. Home of striking mountains, serene waterfalls and the world’s most complex lava cave system, Jeju-do has attracted geologists and tourists alike. For an unforgettable aesthetic adventure, trek to the top of Mt. Halla and get a glimpse of Korea’s rich history as well as the nearby islands, spend time at Hallim Park and explore caves and gardens or hike to the top of Seongsan Ilchulbong for the finest views in the island and marvel at its crown-shaped crater.

Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay

 Normandy, France

With a panorama befitting a castle from a fairytale film, Mont Saint-Michel has been hailed as the “Wonder of the West” because of its unprecedented combination of Gothic architecture, enchanting natural backdrop and religious importance. Discover Normandy’s crown jewel on a day trip from Paris and uncover the colorful history of the island. Explore the Mont Saint Michel Abbey, dedicated to Archangel St. Michel, and take a stroll around its surrounding village. Discover the local cuisine with lunch and a tasting of succulent French caramel.

Alhambra, Generalife and Albayzín

 Granada, Spain

From a small Roman fort to becoming a royal residence of the Nasrid Dynasty then an unfinished transformation into a royal court of the Spanish Empire, Alhambra is Granada history captured in palace form. Featuring an eye-catching blend of Hispanic and Islamic artistic techniques with the Sierra Nevada mountain range as its backdrop, the 25-acre complex is among Spain’s most captivating castles. Feast your eyes on the famed fortress and admire the Moorish craftsmanship. Roam its grounds and see how the ornate archways and detailed artworks are fit for a king.

Chichen Itza

 Yucatan, Mexico

Archaeologically significant, incredibly accurate and undeniably influential, the ruins of Chichen Itza are the remnants of the Maya peoples’ magnum opus. The sophisticated architecture of the Temple of Kukulkan alone could prove the Maya empire’s mind-blowing astronomical advancements and engineering feats. Get to know more about history and archaeology of the monuments with a tour of the complex and discover the mystical phenomenon for yourself. Visit during the equinox and see the shadow of a serpent visible on the pyramid.

More About the
UNESCO World Heritage


Listing Process

The prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List is consistently reviewed and scrutinized. Sites can be delisted if they aren’t properly preserved or classified as endangered if its condition is threatened by natural disasters or uncontrolled urbanization. New sites, which are added every year, must meet at least one out of four natural and six cultural criteria.


Intangible Cultural Heritage

Monuments and natural sites are not the only defining features of a city or a country. From Naples’ delicious Neapolitan pizza to Brazil’s dance-martial art combination of capoeira, social practices, cuisine, and performing arts are undeniable cultural staples that have defined and shaped generations. Who could argue against Reggae music’s association with Jamaica or the widespread popularity of India’s practice of yoga?


Top Countries

Leading all nations for the most UNESCO World Heritage List sites with 55 entries are China and Italy. As one of the cradles of civilization, China is inarguably a cultural powerhouse. Housing innumerable ancient temples and otherworldly natural wonders, the country is a must-visit for any traveler. On the other hand, Italy is a historical and cultural giant on its own right. With well-preserved medieval monuments, iconic mythology and as home of the Catholic Church, the European nation boasts some of the most iconic and historically significant sites on Earth.

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Avoid the woes of public transportation and choose activities and day trips with hotel transfers. Enjoy a stress-free and seamless tour as you get picked up and dropped off at your hotel after a jam-packed day of exploring.

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