Tokyo at Your Feet

One-day Plan

TOKYO SKYTREE is the centerpiece of an entertainment complex that includes the food and shopping center of TOKYO Solamachi and the visually stunning Sumida Aquarium. This one-day plan allows you to enjoy the highlights of each. Follow the plan for best results or mix and match as you like.

  • Tembo Deck & Tembo Galleria

    Tembo Deck & Tembo Galleria

    Feast your eyes on sweeping views of the city! Spot Tokyo’s most popular sights using a special app and find out where they're located. Experience the thrill of seeing the city from up high without the glass windows at the newly-opened Floor 155. Send a special post card to a loved one and enjoy seasonal themes that make your visit even more enjoyable.

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  • TOKYO Solamachi

    TOKYO Solamachi

    Ready for an exciting dining experience? Check out our recommended restaurants! Whether you're in the mood for Japanese cuisine or craving Western tastes, TOKYO Solamachi offers plenty of choices that will tickle your palate.

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  • Sumida Aquarium

    Sumida Aquarium

    Enter a dreamy world featuring marine life adorned with colorful lights and displays. Watch cute penguins as they frolic and be mesmerized by the numerous spotted garden eels popping out from the sand.

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  • Lights Against the Night Sky

    Lights Against the Night Sky

    Cap your day with a lovely stroll while admiring the beautiful lights of SKYTREE. Enjoy an even more special sight in winter as holiday lights add charm to the view.

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Unique Experiences at

Never a dull sight as you climb to the top.

Find Your Tokyo

Did you know that you can use a special app to enhance your viewing experience at the tower? TOKYO SKYTREE PANORAMA GUIDE features a 360° view of Tokyo that changes according to the direction you are facing. It also introduces major sightseeing spots and you can switch between daytime and nighttime views.

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Floor 155

New and exciting! Strap on a vest and put on a hard hat. Floor 155 is a newly-opened section of TOKYO SKYTREE that affords guests sweeping views of Tokyo, without the glass windows! Your guide will point out areas of interest as you gaze at the lovely view. You can also take a look at intricate structure of the tower up close. Special straps are available for phones and cameras so you won't have to worry about dropping valuables. Snap those photos away!

From a Special Place, to a Special Someone

Floor 345

Bright red and hard to miss, a postbox in the shape of a tower stands on Floor 345 of Tembo Deck. Send postcards with special TOKYO SKYTREE designs and use the commemorative stamp for a full experience.

Fun Every Season

No matter the season nor the weather, there's always something fun to do at TOKYO SKYTREE. Find seasonal thematic displays as well as events that celebrate special collaborations with popular characters.

Where Foodies Gather
Tokyo Solamachi

Time to fill your tummy! Solamachi is packed with cafes and restaurants that promise a unique dining experience. Here are some of our top recommendations.

  • Arizuki


    If you're looking for Japanese soul food, Arizuki's hot pot is sure to hit the spot. Known for their "motsu nabe" —an offal hot pot brimming with flavorful broth—Arizuki offers guests food that warms the tummy and service that warms the heart. Their egg rolls with spicy cod roe are not to be missed, too!

  • Edo Tokyo


    Sushi and tempura are among Japan's most popular dishes overseas, and they're both available at Sushitsune. Enjoy fresh seafood with other local favorites such as chawanmushi, a savory egg custard dish that serves as an appetizer. If you've got a big appetite, try the massive tempura tower! Good for 3-4 people, the dish includes shrimp, lobster, squid as well as other seasonal seafood and vegetables, all cooked in crispy panko batter and seasoned with sweet and salty tempura sauce.

  • Rokurinsha


    You may know Japan as ramen heaven, but have you tried its equally delicious cousin known as "tsukemen?" It's a noodle dish where the noodles and the soup are served separately, and you're guaranteed to love how it looks and tastes. To eat, you'll have to first pick up the noodles with your chopsticks, dip them in broth, and then taste the dish to your heart's content. Rokurinsha has gained fame since it opened in 2005, and many hail it as the best tsukemen restaurant in Tokyo.

  • World Beer Museum


    Lovers of beer, rejoice! World Beer Museum houses more than 150 types of beer, draft and bottled included. Enjoy a tall glass indoors or while you take in the view from the open-air terrace. Tickle your taste buds with different types of beer when you order a set especially arranged for taste testing. Pair your drinks with scrumptious food including drinking favorites such as fish and chips and assorted sausages. Bottled beers from around the world also available for purchase including the limited edition TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN BEER.

  • Moomin House Cafe


    A world of cute and wonderment awaits at Moomin House Cafe where you can dine with your favorite Moomin characters. Inspired by the animated Finnish series of the same name, the restaurant brings to life Moomin's relaxing atmosphere with its pastel colors and feel-at-home design, fashioned after the fictional Moominhouse featured in the series. Even the food is stylized after Moomin, with character heads floating on drinks and serveware featuring a miniature version of the beloved Moominhouse. Lunch and dinner dishes are available, with alcoholic beverages as part of the menu. Both kids and adults are sure to love this magical place!

  • Gion Tsujiri


    When it comes to sweets, who can resist matcha green tea? Kyoto's well-loved uji matcha cafe makes its way to Tokyo with its TOKYO Solamachi branch. Enjoy innovative takes on matcha ice cream and drinks. Sweets are also available in other tea flavors such as brown rice tea (genmaicha) and roasted green tea (houjicha). For a both visually and gustatory pleasing experience, try the assortment of parfaits which come with soft-served ice cream, sweet mochi balls, and of course, a miniature likeness of TOKYO SKYTREE.


A Playground for the Senses
Sumida Aquarium

Occupying two floors, Sumida Aquarium is a multi-sensory treat that combines artistic and meditative elements that create a dreamlike atmosphere. Your eyes will love the contrast between low lighting and brightly-lit, colorful displays, while your ears will delight in the soothing sounds echoed throughout the aquarium. A different aroma lingers in each zone, making the experience as physically rejuvenating as it is mentally enriching.

Marine Life

Sumida Aquarium is divided according to theme and showcases various marine life in a simulated natural habitat. Among the most popular animals are penguins, goldfish and the quirky spotted garden eels, popping at different heights from their sand burrows.

The Penguin Cafe

Light snacks and refreshments are avaialble at the Penguin Cafe where you can find visually appealing treats including glow in the dark cotton candy and colorful drinks with decorative ice in the shape of penguins.

Souvenir Shop

If you can't get enough of spotted garden eels, this is the place to buy a memorable souvenir! From stuffed toys to keychains, you'll find novelty items that will remind you of your fun experience. Themed sweets and snacks are available as well.

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