Winter is upon us! See Hokkaido blanketed in plush white powder snow, with visitors from all over the world flocking to the vast island to see it transformed into a fairytale-like landscape. With beautifully thick white snow and jewel-like shimmering ice, there is much to be done around the breadbasket of Japan.

Snap on your skis or snowshoes, hop in a snowmobile or go on an icebreaker cruise. Charter your very own private tour, go on a husky sled ride, try some smelt ice fishing and more!

This winter, let VELTRA help you create a beautiful and memorable holiday in Japan's ultimate Snow Country. Snow much fun!

Ski & Snow Tours

Japan's fine powder snow is world-famous among winter sports athletes and enthusiasts alike. The cold winds from Siberia lend to an exceptionally-thick carpeting of delightfully fluffy and fine powder snow across Hokkaido, making it a veritable paradise for skiers and snowboarders and a mecca of sorts for those who simply love the snow. The island's exceptional terrain means that there is a combination of gentle slopes which are great for beginners, as well as more extreme slopes for advanced-level skiers and those who crave the adrenaline rush. Whether it's snowboarding or skiing or just plain frolicking and romping in the snow, VELTRA has a variety of tours and activities for you to choose from. Let us take you on an unforgettable journey to northernmost Japan.

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4 or 5 Day Ski Resort Stay at Rusutsu with Sapporo Hotel Transfers
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Okurayama and Hitsujigaoka Hill Tour with Multilingual Audio Guide
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Half Day Snowshoe Walk and Ezo Owl Watching Tour from Sapporo

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Family-Friendly Snowmobile Ride & Fun in the Snow from Sapporo

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Otaru and Shiroi Koibito Park Winter Wonderland Tour from Sapporo
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Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival and Winter Fun at North Snowland from Sapporo
Mesmerizing Winterscapes

Make all of your snow princess dreams come true. Visit Hokkaido in the winter and step into a Narnia-like frozen wonderland. Hop on an icebreaker cruise on the Sea of Okhotsk in Abashiri and eat scrumptious fresh seafood, watch the adorable march of the penguins at Asahiyama Zoo and get even more fairytale feels at light-up snow and ice festivals in Sapporo and Otaru. Get your outfits and camera ready for the spectacular backdrop of Hokkaido's wintry grand views.

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Dynamic Icebreaker Cruise in Abashiri from Sapporo with Crab and Seafood Lunch
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Garinko II Icebreaker Cruise with Lunch and Bus Transfers from Sapporo
Lake Shikotsu Evening Light-up Ice Festival from Sapporo (Jan 25-Feb 17, 2019)
Asahiyama Zoo with Blue Pond & Shirahige Falls Light-up Tour From Sapporo
2019 Sapporo Snow Festival: 3-Day Tour from Tokyo with 5-Star Accommodations
Otaru Snow Light Path Festival Bus Tour from Sapporo (Feb 8-17, 2019)
Unique Ways to Enjoy Winter in Hokkaido

Choose from a variety of unique experiences you can only enjoy in snow-laden and frozen playgrounds like Hokkaido. Try your hand at smelt ice fishing, go horseback riding surrounded by plush bright white carpets of snow, dash through the snow on a dog sled, and up the ante from Tokyo Drift to Hokkaido Drift as you skid across snowy roads. Get your adrenaline pumping and warm up with all the exciting activities on VELTRA!

Barato River Ice Smelt Fishing Tour with Lunch Buffet from Sapporo
Lake Shinotsu Smelt Ice Fishing and Hot Spring Bus Tour from Sapporo
Thrilling Snow Drifting and Winter Driving Experience in Hokkaido
Half Day Winter Smelt Fishing and Nature Adventure in Abashiri

Horseback Riding in the Snow with Private Transfers from Sapporo
Exciting Dog Sled Adventure and Snow Fun with Taxi Transfers from Sapporo
Explore More of Hokkaido on Private Tours

Tour around Hokkaido the way you want to. The vast and sparsely-populated roads of Hokkaido make it a driver's dream, but what about those who don't drive, aren't familiar with driving in snowy conditions or simply want to sit back and relax on their holiday? No need for cold feet—let VELTRA help! Book a private tour to the island's most popular spots and leave the driving and navigating to experienced local drivers. From Hakodate to Asahiyama Zoo to Abashiri to the Akan Lakes to Kushiro Marsh, see Hokkaido's most spectacular spots and more!

Private Taxi Tour of Popular Sightseeing Spots of Hakodate
Private Day Trip to Asahiyama Zoo and Farm Tomita from Sapporo
Hokkaido Crane- Viewing Private Tour from Kushiro
7-hour Chartered Sightseeing Taxi Tour from Abashiri to Kushiro
Full Day Private Tour of the Akan Lakes from Kushiro
Kushiro Marsh Tour by Private Taxi